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Tyler Witt 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Honda Tuning Magazine

Honda Tuning: The car is fairly mild, but we did notice that the block is bored to 83mm. We assume this is something the previous owner Mo did. Do you have any idea why? It takes some balls to mess with an ITR motor.

Tyler Witt: I believe this was just something he wanted to do when the motor was being rebuilt. He wanted to sleeve the motor too, so maybe that's where the added boring came from, to maintain the stock bore and accommodate the sleeves.

HT: The conventional wisdom is to lower compression when adding forced induction, but we've actually seen a few boosted ITR motors at stock compression. Ever thought about upping compression?

TW: Not really. I think you can get better numbers and reliability with lower compression and higher boost. There are inherent limitations with forced induction and high compression, and I'd rather be limited by other factors like axles, transmission, and tires. If it were my only car, I might consider going with a higher, stock compression piston with low boost to give it a bit of extra oomph-say, 6-8psi. Then again, if I could do it over I'd build up a mega NA setup. Something about that ITB sound makes me happy in my pants.

HT: A little too much information and you might want to seek professional help, but I think we know where you're coming from. So why the Jun gears and valve springs over the ITR stock issue stuff?

TW: That was a Mo thing, but I think he's from the same school of thought that I am. If you're going to replace it anyway, you might as well upgrade. The Jun valve springs add a little bit of extra safety when pushing it to redline and the cam gears allow for a bit of customization plus a little bling for the mod-list.

HT: Well, for true mod-list bling, you'd need to plate 'em platinum. We've noticed that it's all in the details for you: the painted wheel center caps, the PIAA yellow fogs, simple lip and Honda badges. And when you have a car this good, that's probably the best approach. Was that your intention?

TW: I am a huge detail person. The little things bug me more than the big things, because I look at it this way: if you put all the little things on a pile, you get one giant thing that can really eat at you.

There were other things, too. The gauge bulbs didn't match when I got the car, so I had to replace them all to be the same color. The radio wasn't installed straight, so I took it out. The original lip, an authentic C-West fiberglass lip, had a giant scratch that I tried to hide with some paint. In the end, I replaced that too with the Spoon look-alike from ViS.

The car was made to look like a JDM ITR, like with the badges, but it's not. Some die-hards may get turned off to that, but like I said, details kill me. At least it doesn't have a GT-R badge on it.

HT: Which we've seen more times than we care to recall. Not on a Type-R, though. So what's in the future?

TW: Well, due to some financial difficulties and other life things, college eats a lot of money and the thought of having to move somewhere made me rethink owning two cars, I was forced to get rid of the ITR and my Scion xA this month. It was a sad day, let me tell you, but hey, it was a dream come true.

Once I get settled down with a career, I'll be upping the bar a bit and getting a '98-00 Berlina Black or Grand Prix White or '96 Midnight Pearl NSX. I'll do a full suspension and NA setup.

HT: Sad day indeed. I noticed on the tech sheet that you'd traded in an EVO 8 for the Type R. Can't say we blame you, but the EVO is a great car. Why go from almost 300hp and all-wheel drive to a boosted front-drive Type-R?

Honda Tuning Magazine

Tyler Witt 2000 Acura Integra Type R - Honda Tuning Magazine
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